Vintage Analogue Lenses


Modern Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

Photographs that are:





documentary or archival

unsettling or otherworldly

Slow Photography

I strive to be sensitive to the principles of slow photography.

My photographs feature people* as much as they represent natural scenes, colours and textures.

I am also drawn to images that retain a sense of the unknowable, the unsettling or the transcendental.

You can read more about my lenses here.



Photography is dangerous, as it so often cultivates appearances rather than substance. People can confuse the frame with the truth, and that creates the potential for pain, prejudice, and disappointment. It also creates unhealthy escapism and hypocrisy. There is great suffering in the world today because of this narcissistic tendency, which abuses the medium. Of the people affected, women suffer in particular. This pain can further be traced back to unrealistic, misogynistic aesthetic standards, born of lust, greed and a desire for profit and control. Having recognised my own negative narcissistic traits, I am no longer comfortable contributing to this objectifying industry, especially after personal life experiences have revealed its horrific impact to me.

This is not to say that all images of women and their body are problematic, but it is to say that many of them are; for this, and other reasons, I prefer to focus on male portraiture, where the moral dangers can be more readily avoided, and where the power imbalance is not so striking.

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